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Custom duct work in Peterborough

The importance of proper ductwork in the heating and cooling of your home is often overshadowed by the installation of a new furnace or central air conditioning unit, but the reality is that the air ducts are vital to the overall HVAC health of your home.

Ducts that are either too big or too small will not provide optimal air flow and can hinder any efficiency gains made from installing a new unit. The CEC suggests that you can save 10% of your homes heating bill just by fixing leaks to the current ducting system.

Ventilation technology has evolved significantly over the past several decades, such that there are plenty of options for cost effective highly efficient systems, recognizable to the trained HVAC professional.

Custom duct work can also add to the functionality of your home, for instance by improving headroom clearance in basement areas and allowing you to do home renovations properly. If you’re not sure that your ductwork is properly installed, have Boyle Heating & Cooling take a look and offer a no obligation free estimate for all your custom duct work needs.

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We will visit your home, listen to your needs, make the necessary calculations based on your particular home, and then give you our expert recommendations. With our highly trained service personnel we strive to ensure that your central heating, plumbing and central air con. experience is a fast and painless one.