Switching From an Oil Furnace to a Propane Furnace

There are plenty of good reasons to consider switching off oil and changing your oil furnace to a propane furnace, and with Superior Propane’s Off Oil program, we can help make that decision a bit easier.oil to gas furance deal

Any HVAC professional will agree that a propane furnace is superior (pun intended) to an oil furnace, but it’s still not easy for a homeowner to fork over several thousand dollars for the conversion. It’s also difficult to determine the exact payback, because while monthly operating and maintenance costs are bound to go down, unless we know the efficiency of both the oil furnace and the new propane unit, you just can’t calculate it accurately.

Before jumping into some of the benefits of switching from oil to propane, which includes a promotion on through the end of 2016 for a $750 fuel credit from Superior Propane, it’s easier than you think to finance your new high-efficiency propane furnace. In a lot of cases, the monthly savings from switching will cover the loan payments for the new unit – ask us for more details. In the meantime, here are some good reasons to get Off Oil and into propane:

  • Increased home value – the truth is, nobody wants to buy a home with an oil furnace. Oil is incapable of burning at high enough efficiency to make people comfortable with their monthly heating bill. In most cases the value of your home will increase by at least the cost of the furnace and install, making it virtually free!
  • Better operating costs – with the availability of high-efficiency propane furnaces and the lower average fuel costs, this is a no-brainer, estimates range from $500 to $5,000 a year, but $1,500 per year for a modest (under 2,000 square foot home) is normal.
  • Better maintenance costs – oil is not a very clean burning fuel, relatively speaking, and it tends to require more intervention to keep running at optimal performance. Add these savings on to your operating cost savings and you are looking at real money back in your pockets.
  • Space savings – typically an oil furnace is much bulkier than a new high-efficiency propane furnace, for many of us with our HVAC systems tucked in a mechanical room that also hosts the washer and dryer, as well as storage, this can be a huge advantage. Most HVAC firms, like ours, are really capable at custom duct-work too; you’ll be amazed at how much a new unit with duct reworking can add to your usable square footage!
  • Zero net-cost – as alluded to above, with easy financing options on HVAC systems and favourable loan repayment terms, you could actually see yourself in a new high-efficiency furnace when a net-cost of zero, and in some cases you might actually save $20 or more per month, while also increasing the value of your home.

Right now our friends at Superior Propane have a special on, which offers a fuel credit of $750 for any new furnace conversion, as long as the paperwork is signed prior to January 1. It’s a great time to save and an investment in your home and family that you won’t regret!


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