How to Properly Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit

Cleaning your Central ACYour homes central air conditioning is a vital part of the ecosystem of any healthy home. Besides providing cooler temperatures, especially helpful when the humidex is cresting 40 degrees – your central air conditioning unit also helps to moderate humidity and circulate the air inside your house.

In terms of properly cleaning your central A/C, there are a couple of different considerations. The first and most obvious thing to do is make sure you change your furnaces filter in the summer, since in most cases the furnace’s fan is responsible for circulating that colder air in the warmer months too! One of the most common mistakes is using an incorrect filter, and the next biggest mistake is buying a low quality one. For this reason, your Bryant filters can only be purchased through an authorized dealer or distributor of Bryant.

The next big consideration is having your ductwork cleaned, it’s especially important to have this done after any major construction project, since dust that’s almost imperceptible to the eye can settle and accumulate in the ducting of your home, and cause health risks for residents, especially children.

That takes care of the A/C part that’s inside your home, in terms of the unit that’s sitting outside, we recommend keeping a cover on the unit in the winter – as long as you won’t forget to remove the cover the first time you use it! Generally today’s units, and all units offered at Boyle Heating & Cooling require minimal maintenance, just keeping them debris free and making sure that leaves don’t accumulate too heavily on the fan. Wondering about the state of your central A/C unit, we’re happy to come check it out for you before you flip the switch.

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