Installing the Right Air Conditioner for You and Your Home

Boyle-Mechanical-ServiceImageChoosing a new central air conditioning unit for your home is one of the bigger decisions we’ll face as home-owners, and it’s important that you make an informed decision.

At Boyle Heating & Cooling we stick with the trusted brands; like Bryant who’s been in the business since 1904, but within each brand there are different choices depending on the price point. For the most part, when dealing with trusted brands, you get what you pay for – so a more expensive unit is of higher quality and has a greater capacity to cool your home. However, not every home-owner needs a top of the line brand with the capacity to cool down a 7,500 square foot home! The important thing to remember is to have a no obligation assessment done by a qualified professional, and if they are a true “professional” it will be at no cost to you.

We’ve determined that choosing the Cadillac vs. the Sunfire is dependent on a variety of factors, including how long you plan to stay in your home, what your personal budget is, and how keen you are on a really long warranty. There are other choices too though, such as going with a ductless split system, which comes in handy for small spaces like condos, or if you’re looking to maximize square footage in your basement. Popular in Europe, Boyle Heating & Cooling is qualified to assess and install these types of units – where it makes sense for you, the home-owner! Learn more about Bryant’s ductless split system here.

The other option you may not have thought of is repairing your old system. Again, it takes a professional to assess whether or not it’s possible to breathe life into your current central A/C, and to help you determine how quickly a new system might pay for itself with increased efficiency.

So, how do you choose what central air conditioning unit to have installed? Educate yourself first, and then call on the professionals to provide a free quote. Get at least 2 quotes in writing and then choose who you think will do the best job installing your new central A/C. Make sure they are licensed to install the products they carry and any good tradesman will suggest getting the proper permitting as required.

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