How To: Preparing Your HVAC System for Winter

Fall HVAC Maintenance

Any homeowner knows that there are certain chores related to the spring and certain chores related to the fall. Being a good custodian for your home means more raking up the leaves and cleaning out the gutters of your eavestrough. Adding a check-up to your HVAC system to that list of chores in both the spring and the autumn is a good way to remember to take care of your furnace, air conditioning unit and any air purifying systems you may have installed.

First and foremost is to change the air filter, this is something that should be done every 2 months at least, but having it on your list of “to dos” for your bi-annual HVAC system care program is a good way to keep it top of mind. Another tip is to use a post-it or sticky note when you change the filter, simply write the date you should change it again on the note and paste it to the cover – just like the reminder for your car’s next oil change. Changing the air filter in your home helps keep things running smoothly and reduces the load on the mechanical components, thereby increasing their lifespan. It’s an easy way to save in the long run, but too few owners do this on a regular basis.

Inspecting the central air conditioning unit is another essential task. Clear any debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) away from the unit and make sure that it’s still sitting level and it should be off the ground and away from moisture. If it’s looking a bit haggard then you should consider getting a cover for your unit to keep the snow and ice off the unit and extend the life. Another tip is that if you’re the type of person that will forget to remove the a/c unit cover in the spring when you turn on the air conditioning, then don’t get a cover! Nothing will kill the unit faster than running it inside of one of these covers. Also be sure to get a cover that fits your unit properly. It’s a good time to get the unit checked over too if you have concerns about the lifespan of the unit.

Have a home energy audit done to determine how much heat your home is losing and to get some suggestions on things you can do to fix this. There are incentives available through the SaveONEnergy program run by the Ontario government and Boyle Heating & Cooling is an authorized contractor. For one of these audits a trained expert will come to your home and run a series of tests to help determine how much energy is being lost through your current heating system. They will also specify options and costs for fixing the issues, and at the time of writing there is up to $650 available in rebates through the SaveONEnergy Heating and Cooling Incentive.

One of the best ways to act as the caretaker for your HVAC system is to call the experts in for a look. Most reputable companies offer no obligation quotes and will come to your home and review your situation and provide recommendations and written estimates. Whether it’s Boyle Heating & Cooling or another licensed HVAC company, you can have them come and take a look for free in most cases!

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